Become a Kick-ass Engineer

Every engineer should be able to master at least three skills and be able to build, sell and market online, as a professional. The program will teach you how to apply your skills to enable the application of your skills in real-time businesses, helping you realize your dream of starting your own business and to becoming an entrepreneur. Kick-ass Engineer allows you to fulfill your dreams and gives wings to your aspirations.

The perfect solution builds for semi-urban jobseekers and engineering students.

Build it.

Lack of knowledge leads to many students, especially in rural Tamil Nadu, to buy projects, as opposed to writing codes for mobile apps and for the web. Using the WordPress Platform, Kick-ass Engineer guides you in developing a codeless website.

Market It

It’s important to know how to market the website which has created. It’s pointless to make a great website, only for it to be not discovered by people; visibility is the key factor in the success of your website. The higher the outreach, the more likely is the success of your business. Kick-ass Engineer guides you in harnessing the power of Social Media and SEO, to ensure higher visibility and outreach.

Newbies Kit

Now that you know how to build your website and market it, it’s time to kick start your business. You can use a lot of tools, recommendations, and tips which are meticulously selected and curated by us. Build a small portfolio of your own and get better with real experience after trial and error. Become a full-stack engineer/marketer and live the life of your dreams.

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